Why commercial carpet cleaning is necessary

Why commercial carpet cleaning is necessary

Sorry, But you need a professional. Cleaning a carpet for a facility or even a home can be daunting. Vacuuming is one thing, but that isn’t truly cleaning a carpet. At least it’s not how professionals clean.Your business and your home are the faces of your brand, reputation, and character.There are reasons why your parents made you clean your room before company came over or why facility directors frantically hire commercial cleaning services when prestigious clients fly in at moment’s notice. Carpet is a very pricey asset that is by far one of the most noticeable things in a room, especially if its dirty. A dirty, unsightly carpet can diminish the appeal of a room drastically, not to mention the terrible odors and allergens emanating from below. To truly achieve the best ROI on your carpet investment its best to have it cleaned regularly by a professional to keep it looking like new.

Secure the carpet warranty

It is a common industry “secret” that you must have documented regular cleaning in order to claim your carpet warranty.It’s up to you to check your manufacturer’s guidelines but it’s something you should educate yourself on as soon as it is installed. If this is for the home,contact the general contractor to get any information regarding the carpet because this is a major asset that goes unnoticed.Make sure you are taking care of your carpet, so its warranty can take care of you one day.

Improve IAQ

It goes unrealized, but carpet indirectly works as a filter in a room. Contaminants and irritating pollutants of all types get trapped in carpet fibers and its nearly impossible to remove unless deep cleaned. If these contaminants remain in the carpet, all types of allergies can be induced from the unclean air circulating.

Extend carpet lifespan

No matter the amount of cleaning you do, over time, your carpet will age and not maintain the same new appeal it once had at first install. However, regular professional cleaning over time can indeed extend the lifespan of a carpet installation. That’s another advantage of a professional. You may not be able to revive an old carpet using standard equipment around the house but a professional can definitely refresh and breathe new life into an old carpet in bad shape.

Minimize irritants and allergens

Carpet is the gatekeeper for all types of volatile organic compounds and microscopic irritants that do harm to our bodies. Dust and toxic particles are often trapped deep in carpet fibers and are released whenever someone steps on that area of the carpet. A never-ending cycle of unclean air recycles constantly throughout the space while its occupants inhale those byproducts.Unkempt carpets are a huge contributor to Sick Building/Home Syndrome. Having regularly scheduled professional maintenance on carpets greatly reduces the presence of these contaminants, while removing them as well.

Improve overall appearance

Dirty carpet looks terrible. Soiled carpet can present an image of poor hygiene and perpetuate an inaccurate reputation.  It’d be tough to want to work with a new business partner if the office reeked of cigarette smoke and soda stains everywhere.Dirty carpet also smells and can lend musty odors that diminish the overall facility/home image. Odor presents an unhealthy, unclean image that is always a negative when it comes to first impressions.Think about it, your carpet is literally the first thing you see. Act and treat it accordingly if you want to present a clean image to your guests. The naked eye can truly tell the difference between a professional cleaning, and a standard attempt by a regular person using incorrect domestic tools.Moreover, neglected dirt and soils attract even more spots and stains. It’s a mess!

Take pride in your business and your home. Consider hiring a cleaning professional for the most visible interior design piece you have — your carpet. Professionals utilize industrial equipment typical consumers don’t own not to mention expertise in cleaning safely and effectively. Save yourself the time and improve your interior’s indoor air quality today.


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