Why Cleaning Your Gutters is So Important

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We all agree that cleaning gutters might not be a favourite weekend chore, nevertheless, it is an important one as the build-up from debris can cause various problems and silent damage to your home. Cleaning your gutters is essential for the value of your roof as gutters control the flow of rainwater and protect the structure from water damage. A gutter clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris can cause a leak in the roof and furthermore, serious damage to the foundation if water cannot properly flow away. As a homeowner, you should also know that clogged gutters make a perfect home for birds, rodents, and pests. Therefore, it is crucial to check your gutters thoroughly when you schedule your annual roof maintenance, more so if you live in an environment with increased leaf fall. Most people do not remember to service their gutter system until it gets blocked and problems arise, which could mean that damage occurs to roof, walls and foundation due to the lack of proper drainage. To remind you why cleaning gutters is so important, we have put together some useful information.


Another problem of leaves and other debris in your gutter is rotting wood, which shortens the lifespan of your roof. Once debris has accumulated above the flashing, it can hold moisture, which affects sheathing and framing apart from the damage it does to the fascia since standing water lets the wood rot away. Roof damage is one of the main reasons why you should keep your gutters clean as continuous damage of rainfall means the clock is ticking towards a roof replacement.


Once standing water turns into mould, it might begin to grow inside your attic. Once mould spreads to the walls of your house, the issue can not only become quite pricey but also threaten to become a health hazard if you come in contact with it.


When gutters are not able to serve their purpose, lack of cleaning also promotes water to pool in clogged areas where debris has accumulated. Such standing water can be appealing to mosquitoes, plants and other insects as a nesting site hence cleaning your gutters also keeps out pests.


The foundation is another important fixture of your house and when compromised the whole house is in danger. A lot of times, clogged gutters are the cause for cracked foundations and leaking basements when water from the roof spills over and cannot be drained from your property properly. The water then accumulates around the foundation leading to unwanted cracks and water access in the basement.


Furthermore, can uncleaned debris in your gutter cause your courtyard and paving slabs to sag and in the worst case to crack. Once water is spilling over the fascia, it can also flow into your garden beds and wash away all the hard work you have put into your plants and grass. Water puddles also prevent your lawn from growing.


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