What Type of Props or Furniture Will You Need for Staging Your Home

Essentials Props for Styling Your Home for Sale

Staging your home is a brilliant way to try and bring up the price before you sell. If you are clever with staging your home, then you may well bring up the price by tens of thousands of dollars! However, it’s important to stage your home according to correct styling tips, and not go overboard, or too minimal with your staging.

Essentials Props for Styling Your Home for Sale

Lounge room furniture

You know when you buy your lounge room furniture, which you want to be comfy? This isn’t even an issue when you’re styling your home. The chairs in your lounge set? They can be as hard and uncomfortable as you please – as long as they’re in keeping with the style and space of the room. You don’t necessarily have to add a TV in the lounge, but make sure that your furniture is arranged around in a seating way, or towards some focal point.

Dining furniture

There should always be a separate dining area for a home, even if you don’t actually use one yourself. Many people will find this as a key element of their homes during the purchasing stage – where are we going to eat our meals? Include at least a six person dining set in an appropriate space within your home so that they can imagine nights spent chatting over dinner parties and entertaining.

Bedroom furniture

No matter how many bedrooms you have in your home, they should each have a bed in them at the very least. This is so when potential buyers return to their own home after scoping out your place; they can imagine walking through and viewing each bedroom again, which will be marked in their minds by a bed. If you have a smaller room that is usually a study, you might like to “convert” it over to a bedroom for selling purposes. While people may want a study, advertising as a bedroom can be more alluring for buyers as they may feel they are getting better value for money.

Decorative touches

When home styling, it’s all about the decorating touches that you put in place to make it not look so cold and clinical. These touches can be items like art on the walls, tins in the kitchen, vases around the place; perhaps a little knick knack or two, bed linen, and other such touches that make a home feel “lived in”. If you are hiring furniture for home staging then you should ask the company you’re dealing with whether these sort of decorations are available for hire too – generally you’ll find out the answer to this is yes.


Rugs can be the difference between a cold, unlived in home, and one that has a bit of warmth and moxie. Choosing the right rug for a room can be a difficult decision, too. Too big or too small, too busy or too plain, can all be mistakes that you may when picking a rug. Rugs can also be a great way to cover up flooring when it’s not that spectacular – for example, old, unpolished floorboards. Pick rugs wisely to really elevate some of the rooms in your home.

The best way to go about home staging is to get a stylist who can help to not only style your home but organise rentals, transport, and fit out of all the bits and pieces. This way, you can just sit back, relax, and not have to worry about lifting a finger. And with everything involved with selling a home that’s what we like to hear.


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