What To Expect From A Full Detailing Service

Car Detailing Service

The secret to a car interior that looks as good as when it first left the dealership is proper detailing. Not all interior washes are the same. They will also have different results based on the level of care and intricacies of the work that is carried out. Exterior washes should not be of hosing the car down with water and drying it afterwards. When put together, a thorough cleaning that goes throughout the vehicle from the outside in will constitute a full detailing service.

When you take your car to a washing service and make the request for a full detailing service, the following will be done to fulfil the request:

For the exterior:

  • A thorough clean and polish of the car. This covers all aspects of recommended paint care that will give the paint of the vehicle a longer life. Key among these is the application of paint protectors and wax that will not only produce a beautiful shine but also create a protective seal that will preserve the paintwork.
  • Wheel detailing and undercarriage care. The hub caps of the wheels and the wheel wells should not be neglected in the exterior cleaning process. One of the most neglected areas, however, is the undercarriage. It is often overlooked as the least visible part of the exterior of the car, yet its cleaning is also essential. It serves to rid the underside of the vehicle of any debris that may have been lodged in various nooks and crannies while carrying through the theme of a car that has been thoroughly cleaned.
  • Most detailing services will also take special care to clean the windows with unique chemical treatments that can help to repel dust and debris for short periods. In addition to the windows, the various lights like head and taillights will also receive attention and care.

For the interior:

The interior of the vehicle is the place where the car’s owner will take most notice of proper detailing. A well-detailed interior will include rubber mats that have been washed and dried. Vacuum cleaners will be brought in to clear up dirt that has accumulated in the footwells and between the seats. Cloth mats get scrubbed, often with soap and water, to remove all traces of dirt and stains. The car seats must be thoroughly washed with soap solution and completely dried.

Parts of the interior that make up the dashboard will be cleaned and polished using products that are specifically designed to aid in the care of such components. Not to be forgotten are the centre console and the insides of the doors and windows which would also require some cleaning.

If you want to give your car a clean that will stand out and will last just as long, taking it in for full-service car detailing will provide you with the most satisfactory results. It will also produce the most beneficial outcomes for various components of your car as protective seals are often applied as the final step of the cleaning process.

Contact an expert today that will walk you through the things you can expect from a full detailing service. The results will make you the envy of all that see you as you drive your car around the busy roads.

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