Using Promotional Displays Effectively

The biggest and most successful companies invest heavily in their marketing department. Companies like Coca-Cola spend up to half of their annual budget on marketing, and the returns are always handsome. Despite the need to invest in marketing, a good return on investment must be realised to determine the effectiveness of marketing. Some companies distribute marketing expenses to the cost of an item to analyse if their marketing is profitable. Promotional displays are among the most effective marketing tools. Many people use promotional displays especially when they have a sales stand, or they are running an offer on their goods or services. These displays are captivating and quickly translate to the sale of goods and services. Although promotional displays are a good marketing tool, their use can be ineffective. Here are a few ways of using promotional displays effectively.

The key goal of any promotional display is to be seen. As a result, placement is crucial when it comes to marketing through promotional displays. Depending on the premises you are using, there are some factors to consider before setting up your display. It is effective to set up your promotional display in a high traffic area. The more people passing by your display, the higher the chances someone will catch a glimpse of it. If you are setting up in a mall, go for spaces near the entrance. These areas get a lot of human traffic and coerce potential clients before they have made a decision on what to purchase.

If you are setting up a stand to sell your items, promotional displays are the best way to get attention to your stand. From a distance, a potential client can make out the product or services you are trying to sell by simply looking at your display. You can set up your promotional display in the face of your stand or behind your stand. The size is dependent on the design of your stand, but the more visible the display is, the better. You can also opt to set up your display beside your stand. Whichever option you pick, promotional displays are bound to reel in clients. Place them where they can be seen and watch the magic happen.

Promotional displays are good for marketing, but if you want them to be effective, you must be keen on what goes up on your display. The content you put out on your displays heavily determines if your marketing or branding is going to be effective. There are various options for the content to put up on promotional displays. You can have a picture only, text only or a combination of both. Your choice should depend on what you are trying to sell and if you are marketing at the point of sale. Pictures are ideal for stands where the item being sold is available next to the promotional display. The idea is for the display to capture attention and reel in clients. From there, the duty to register a sale is on whoever is attending to the stand. Texts are good for high demand items that are recognisable by words. A combination of pictures and text is among the most popular options for promotional displays. The picture captures attention while the text makes a call to action.

Most businesses are very particular when it comes to using promotional displays. Not every product is marketed through promotional displays. More often than not, a business will choose high-end products that move the sales needle. Point of purchase displays is used to move a product the business sees as a top product. New products spark curiosity and are often pushed through media walls, pop-up walls and promotional displays.  Moreover, items on special sales are put on promotional displays. We often see advertisements played near merchandise counters when there is a special offer. Some products also have a seasonal demand curve. During a season of high demand, such products are marketed through promotional displays. The holiday season comes with many promotional displays set up in the aisles of large retail stores and gift stores.

Promotional displays come in all shapes and sizes. For an effective marketing campaign, you might want to go for a unique setup. Considering many marketing spaces have different promotional displays, having a unique set up is bound to get you the attention you need. There are many promotional display options available in the market. Depending on your budget, you can get large ad stands or smaller info-stands. The shape and size of your promotional display can be customised to meet your specifications. Hence, go for something unique that can get the attention you need. Promotional stands are among the top marketing tools available. Their effective use is guaranteed to get you the sales you require.

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