Types of Garden Shed Roofing Styles

When the gardening bug bites, it hardly let’s go. In a matter of time, you will start to discover all kinds of gardening tools and apparatus in the oddest of places. If you are beginning to worry about the clutter, then you are ready for a garden shed.

If you are ready to build one yourself, then ordering a premade shed can provide you with an affordable and almost instant relief.  The shed will give ample storage space not only for garden tools, but bicycles, lawn mowers, and pool accessory too. Purchasing storage is quite an investment, and while there are many aspects to it, the roof type plays a significant role in the shed’s pricing and durability as well. Below are some common garden shed roofing styles;

Flat roof

This type of garden shed roof might look flat, but it often has a slight pitch to ensure water and snow runs off of it. This will keep it from caving in during harsh winters. This type of roof is very low profile and therefore, less intrusive and more readily accepted in most neighbourhoods. The simplicity in the construction of the flat roof makes it an affordable roofing style, meaning that a garden shed with a flat roof will be affordably priced. The flat roof is also very easy to maintain and install, and the flatness of the roof could offer storage space as well. It is also possible to convert this type of roof into a green roof, and it can be added solar panels as well if properly oriented.

Flat roofs do not require shingles and other decorative materials, and their repairs are much more accessible, thanks to their low profile. They are perfect for tornado and hurricane-prone areas, but not so much for areas that receive high amounts of snow or rain. Flat roofs require waterproof roofing materials such as sheet metal, rubber membrane, roll roofing, tar and gravel, or PVC.


  • Affordable
  • Takes up less space
  • Easy to repair
  • Perfect for shed conversion to a greenhouse


  • May have a shorter life span in very wet and snowy areas
  • The roof not only attracts lots of heat but absorbs it as well making the shed too hot in sunny weather
  • Needs a regular schedule of maintenance

Gable Roof

This classic roofing style has a dual sloped look with sections that create a symmetrical peak at the roof line. A shed with a gable roof is very durable because water or snow will slide off of it. Due to its pitched shape, the shed will have better ventilation and will also look more spacious. Most sheds have a medium pitch for their gable roofs, though high-pitched roofs can also be used for their aesthetics. Low pitched gable type of shed roofs are commonly used in severely stormy or rainy areas. A gable roof is not ideal for areas that have high strong winds because they can rip off the roof off of the walls.


  • Can form a loft which can give a little bit more storage space
  • Sheds rain and snow easily
  • Adds to the sheds aesthetic appeal, and the roofing type fits all settings


  • Will require hurricane brackets because it can be damaged in hurricane conditions
  • Not as affordable as a flat roof

Skillion roof

To build a skillion roof sheds, one wall of the shed is made higher than the other, to form a slope between them. A skillion roof looks like a half section of a gable roof. These roofs are also affordable since they utilise less material to put them up. They also adequately fend off snow and rainwater and let more light in through the eves that form under the roof. These garden shed roofs are perfect for gardens or yards that have little space. The roofing design also allows sheds to lean into the main house. They have a minimalist aesthetic and give the sheds a fantastic price.


  • They are affordable since they use fewer construction materials
  • The sloping roof can be used to install energy-generating solar panels
  • Allows in light thanks to the roofs incline


  • Can easily be damaged by high winds
  • Is not very aesthetically pleasing as a stand-alone shed.


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