Top 10 Reasons to Get Kids Outdoors


During this period of self-isolation, it is likely that your kids will spend limited time outdoors. Instead, they will spend more time watching TV, playing video games, and using the internet and so on.

While it essential to adhere to the measures introduced to control the spread of the coronavirus, it is not an excuse to keep your children inactive. Make sure that you create time for going outdoors, even if it is in your backyard or the parking lot.

Here are the top reasons why you should take your kids to play outdoors regularly.

1. It Builds Confidence

Playing outdoors boosts confidence, irrespective of the activity your child is undertaking. This is because playing incorporates an aspect of risk-taking, such as jumping and on so on. When a child is successful, it makes them believe in their abilities. Such a skill will prove crucial as they grow older.

2. A Supply of Vitamin D

An increasing number of people are Vitamin D deficient because of the excessive use of sunscreen. According to experts, you need to expose yourself to the sun for some time to stimulate the synthesis of vitamin D. For this reason; you need to ensure that your children spend at least 30 minutes in the sun. That said, avoid overexposure because it can cause sunburns.

3. It Improves Sleep

Spending time outdoors makes children engage in physical activities. This, in turn, lowers depression and stress levels and improves the quality of sleep.

4. It Boosts Immunity

Being outdoors can help your children build their immunity against seasonal allergies, as well as escape the effects of germs and viruses.

5. It Improves Strength

Nowadays, kids spend too much sitting at school and at home that may cause conditions such as clumsiness and poor coordination. You can prevent this by allowing your kids to improve their motor skills when they play outdoors.

6. It Improves Mental Health

Research shows that free play among children reduces the risk of anxiety and depression. This is because games give kids a feeling in control and improve their ability to set intrinsic goals.

7. It Fosters Creativity and Imagination

Going outside can increase creativity significantly. By allowing your kids to spend some time out, you make them more innovative and grow their imagination.

8. It Enhances Resiliency

Being outside exposes your kids to different incidences that make them tougher. For instance, when kids get a minor injury and get over it, they learn how to deal with uncomfortable situations.

9. It Helps Create Better Friendships and Improves Psychosocial Health

Studies indicate that kids who play outdoors forge lasting friendships and better psychosocial health than those who spend more time indoors. Some of the psychosocial benefits include interacting with different people and learning their role in the community. Also, playing fosters teamwork, a skill that is useful throughout the kids’ lifetime.

10. It Teaches Independence

Telling your child to play outside does more than get them away from the TV and smartphones. As your kid explores the outdoors, they learn how to become independent and make their own decisions.


Playing outdoors has numerous benefits for children. As a parent, it is your responsibility to bring up your child in the best way possible, and this involves taking care of their physical and mental health.  When you give these to your child, you also benefit by improving the relationship with them.

Despite the current conditions, strive to make time for your kids to play outside. While at it, make sure that they are safe from possible infection.

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