Tips To Style The Perfect Guest Room

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A guest room is a prepared facility meant for accommodation by visitors. It is like a home away from home, providing necessary facilities like food, accommodation and washroom facilities. Having people from all walks of life, a guest room provider should ensure he offers the following amenities and services for a stylish and perfect room experience for their guest;

Have and Maintain A Theme

Most guesthouses are located, designed, and styled in line with their theme. For example, a guest house located beside a beach is likely to be used by holidaymakers; hence it should be designed in a coastal scheme and probably decorated with beach artworks and colours.

Property styling companies provide professionals who have vast experience in themed, stylish decors. The amenities in the guest house should equip and trigger the users to what is available in their new locality through leaflets or magazines placed in their rooms. Creations from locals in their new vicinity should be within reach to assist them in adapting faster and relating to them.

Provide Comfortable Amenities

Ensure the guest house amenities are convenient and clean. This includes a comfortable bed or quality air mattress, depending on the weather, the beddings should be clean, and in multiple layers, just in case there is a need for extra linens due to intense cold or reduce due to sweating during hot weather.

Add A Lounge and Drawers

Besides just having a bed, have a comfy sofa that your guests can comfortably seat as they read or watch a movie, also provide a small table with drawers just in case your guest needs to work on their laptop from the guest room.

The drawers can be used to store personal effects like medicine and documents. These create an environment almost similar to their homes or offices, making it easier for them to enjoy their stay and also attend to their regular personal life.

Providing Quick and Efficient Services

Making your guest comfort a priority is paramount. A guest in a guest house is entitled to manage their time. The service providers should be within reach to provide prompt services when needed. They should integrate and adopt with the guest’s program to enable him to achieve his/her goals while boarding in their guest house. Details regarding security, the surrounding community, weather, taxi services and any other useful information should be well communicated to avoid unnecessary mishaps.

A service telephone should be made available and within reach from the bed to make it easier and quicker for guest to reach to services providers when they need them for services

Be Creative

If for example, you are hosting international guests, place unique national heritage pictures and artwork on walls, you can also provide magazines and books that speak about various tour sites within and without the locality. Attractive features of famous people and buildings can be printed in towels, beddings, and cutleries to keep guests engaged as they relax in their rooms.

Ensure Adequate Backup

A perfect guest house should have an efficient backup in case of disruption of basic amenities like electric power, water, internet, etc. This will ensure they maximize their time well and find value for their money despite such unfortunate disruptions. Facilities such as power generators and water storage tanks should be part and parcel of a guest house.


A guest house should be well organized and equipped to ensure guests receive the required services in time to achieve their goals in a home away from home.

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