Tips For Creating An Alfresco Dining Area

alfresco dining area

The dwelling you reside in may not be a home; well, not until you add that little bit of personality and comfort to truly make it your own. One way of doing so may be by adding an al fresco dining space. Finding the perfect balance of adding furniture and accessories to your exterior space may be a difficult task, so we compiled a list of a few choice tips to help you out.


What Is Al Fresco Dining?

The phrase al fresco is a term that originated from Italy which means “in the cool”. In modern English this term is taken to mean dining in the fresh air (outside of a building) and has become a norm of classy restaurants. For homeowners, this may be a way of adding that little extra bit of comfort to your home and make for some great space for memorable meals and even spots to enjoy a get together with friends and family.

The key to making the al fresco space is by thinking of it in the same manner as you wouldbe building your house. This may include flooring, lighting and such.



alfresco dining area



If you’re going to placing furniture in your al fresco dining space, then it is necessary to have flooring that supports this weight (you don’t want your furniture sinking into the ground). Wooden pallets from your patio may work best. Make sure the pallets are boarded close together to avoid the incident of your furniture sliding through the gaps Alternatively if this isn’t possible then you may want to use gravel to cover the ground. After pouring the gravel then use a rake or any other similar – functioning tool to spread out the gravel evenly.

This may be slightly difficult to dictate since this really is up to your personal taste and budget. Perhaps the best way to think of it may be mimicking your ideal dining table. However, you may want to settle for a simple wooden table that can be easily moved around coupled with comfortable simple chairs. Since the al fresco dining area is designed to be a relaxed environment then it is better to have objects that can be easily moved or modified to come up with alternate designs.

Another idea may be to add a rug. This gives people the freedom of sitting on the floor (possibly after the meal to enjoy a glass of wine or another drink) and enjoying the outside environment even more.



Lighting here has the function of dealing with the need for light at night as well as the purpose of adding beauty to the entire set up. Rather than just add two plain bulbs to provide light to the dining area, you may want to invest in fairy light or garden lights. If you’re having difficulty finding a way to fit in fairy lights into your dining area, then consider using hooks and anchors on your wall. This provides you with a place to hang the lights. Make sure you obtain lights that are resistant to overheating and rain. This may be an issue if you use normal bulb since the glass may break due to extreme heat.


alfresco dining



The need for lighting for evenings is quite apparent. Another item you may want to consider is heating during cold evenings. One manner of doing this may be through portable ethanol fireplaces. Ethanol fireplaces are fireplace that utilise biofuel (ethanol or similar components) in combustion to provide a real flame and generate heat. Since these fireplaces use denatured alcohol, no fumes are emitted and do not require a chimney. These fireplaces are generally comprised of a burner encased in a container that regulates the combustion of the ethanol.

There are multiple types of ethanol fireplaces but we’ll focus on the most relevant here. Pedestal ethanol fireplaces are mounted on pedestals which can be moved around the dining area. They are generally smaller than wall fireplaces and may even double as ethanol heaters. Cocoon ethanol fireplaces are encased within sphere – like structures and may be hung from the ceiling. Some house heating providers may provide augmented fireplace units that combine these characteristics such as cocoon pedestal ethanol fireplaces (cocoon fireplaces that are mounted on pedestals)

Ethanol fireplaces do not emit any smoke or soot so you don’t have to worry about pesky smoke during your dinner. They’re also very easy to use and add that little bit of class to your entire setup.



Using appropriate shade for you al fresco area may be useful especially against uncomfortable heat (in the hot sun) or alternatively against the rain or even snow. This may also protect your furniture from wear and tear due to exposure from the elements. If you’re planning on a relatively small al fresco area, then you may want to get a parasol.


Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Music really is the way to one’s soul and what better way to set the mood with some smooth music? Consider having a Bluetooth speaker on hand at all times to improve the mood of the dinner and complete the setup.

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