There’s Still Time to Get a Pool Installed Before Summer!

here's Still Time to Get a Pool Installed Before Summer!

Fret not people! If you hop to it now – there’s still time to get a pool installed by summer. You’ll be able to take a cooling dip in your new below ground pool as it heads into the hottest time of year. Considering it’s already heating up this is the perfect time to jump on board and get that pool process rolling.

In general, it’ll take around 3 to 6 months from start to finish to get your pool installed, however the exact timing all depending on how long you take to decide, the layout of your home, any excavation concerns, as well as local council approval.

If you’re champing at the bit to get a pool installed, then you should really get onto it if you’d like a chance at having your pool installed by summer. The sooner the better for this one – or you won’t be able to jump in until next summer. Of course, this isn’t so much of an issue if you decide to go with a heated pool – depending on the effectiveness of your temperature control you’ll be able to swim in your pool year round, even in the depths of winter if you wish.

The biggest hurdles when it comes to installing a new pool promptly are access ways to your yard for excavation and construction, whether the pool builders hit rock when they’re excavating, and any concerns with the council. Each local council in Sydney is different when it comes to pool construction, so it really can be a roll of the dice as to whether there are any issues with putting a pool in.

A good pool construction company will liaise with your local government to ensure that everything is compliant with swimming pool regulations including putting through approval forms, etc. In some cases, the process can be expedited, too.

Another thing to take into consideration is your pool builder’s schedule. Some pool builders will be all booked up in the lead up to summer, whereas others will have a big enough team or ring in subcontractors they can call to get the job done quickly. You should check in the beginning what a pool builder’s estimated time frame for completion of the project is before you agree to go ahead – if being in time for summer is your number one concern.

So what happens if you can’t find a builder that can build your dream in-ground pool before summer is upon us? Well, it’s not the end of the world. You know there is always next summer. Plus, if you take your time you can really iron out all the details before you proceed with works. For instance, have you thought thoroughly about whether you want saltwater or chlorine and researched both correctly? Have you got a good idea about how you want the shape and size of your pool? How about the coping (or capping around the edges) or your new pool, as well as the deck? Will you be doing matching landscaping? If you have more of a lead in time, you can fully plan out the whole job without having to rush into things.

There is still time to get a pool installed before summer – provided you know what you want, and there are no bumps along the way. Just picture it. A sunny day in late January, jumping into your sparkling new pool, splashing about and getting a tan, the barbie cranking in the background. Give your local pool construction company a call if you’re wanting to get this dream rolling before it’s too late.

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