The Birth of the Online Catalogue

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What IS an online catalogue? Online catalogues are also called digital brochures or digital catalogues, and they are just an online version of your printed catalogue. This allows people to view you catalogue online in digital format, rather than the traditional paper catalogue, people flick through a digital catalogue, the same way they flick through one in their hands

Every digital catalogue has its own unique web link – you can mail this link to clients or link it to your social media outlets or website. It is a quick and simple way to get your catalogue out to new clients.

There are many good reasons to have an online catalogue apart from the convenience, people can view your catalogue out and about on phones or tablets, at breaks at work via laptops and PC’s, and the best part is, you’re doing your *thing* to help the environment.

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Other Reasons to Consider Going Digital:

  • Some in business don’t see the point of having an online catalogue if they already have a website, but a digital catalogue will keep ALL of your important information in one spot, sales, special offers, promotions, new products etc. Someone clicks the link and that’s what they get – your catalogue in all it’s glory. Today’s modern websites can be distracting with links to blogs, news, articles, and assorted information that allows a visitor to skip around the site. When you put time into your catalogue design, your digital catalogue design keeps your customers’ attention focused in one place and gives you full control on how your information is presented.
  • People won’t always remember to bring along a printed copy of your brochure with them. Digital catalogues allow you to send a brand new, fresh, sharp looking catalogue to your clients and customers instantly. They can flick through your latest catalogue via a smart phone, tablet, or laptop whether they are at home, work or on the go.
  • Today, more than ever people don’t really keep to *standard working hours* anymore, so a digital catalogue gives your audience access instantly, any time of the day or night. Your customers now have the freedom to browse your catalogue whenever and wherever they choose.
  • With a digital catalogue you no longer have all the postage and production coasts associated with a traditional print catalogue. Instead you have a stunning, well designed catalogue that can be viewed instantly just with the touch of a button.
  • Standard print catalogues are limited to just the real world, but digital catalogues can be viewed instantly, by anyone, anywhere.
  • Printed brochures are limited to the real world, but digital catalogues can be advertised online and on social media sites. This give your company or business a whole new audience. A *Share* button can be added to your catalogue which allows anyone who has seen your catalogue the opportunity to share it instantly with their family and friends, giving you more instant exposure.
  • Digital catalogues can help build your brand, when planning your catalogue design, you have the option to choose background colours and fonts – a complete customisation of your catalogue, including adding your logo to make the catalogue unique to your business.
  • With an online catalogue you are giving your customers a chance to set their own reading preferences. They can drag, scroll or click their way through and pages can be zoomed in to any size. Thumbnails can take a reader directly to the page that interests them, and, if they want to they can even print out a specific page.
  • Printed catalogues mean you are committed to the information inside, not with digital catalogues. With a digital catalogue if you notice a mistake, the problem can be fixed easily without the costs involved in re-printing everything.

An online catalogue design that is well laid out and constructed helps you reduce printing and postage costs, increases online sales and can potentially reach a global audience instantly, digital catalogues are a perfect partner to printed – real world catalogues, they work hand in hand and are fully customised, you can even offer coupons that aren’t available in your printed catalogues and vice versa.


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