The Best Antipasto Inspired Pizzas

The Best Antipasto Inspired Pizzas

Is there anything more delicious than the perfect antipasto platter? Well, we think there just might be – how about the antipasto pizza? Take your antipasto to the next level by making it the star of your pizza, combining your favourite antipasto flavours with the ideal base.

Vegetables, cheese, and cured meats – the key ingredients to your antipasto platter can also be the key ingredients to your pizza.

Check out these delicious antipasto inspired pizza ideas – either make them at home yourself or dial out for your local gourmet pizza range.

Artichoke is the star

To us, there’s nothing that says antipasto quite like the artichoke. Marinated artichoke isn’t found a lot of places, other than antipasto platters and the odd salad or pasta dish. Artichoke on pizza? It is the absolute bee’s knees. Wondering what ingredients to pair with artichoke on your pizza? Think sun-dried tomato and pesto, ham or deli meats, Kalamata olives, grilled eggplant, basil, and more. Make sure you’re using big chunks of artichoke, rather than just a few little bits spread here and to make that delicious salty flavour really shine through as the star of the piece.

Olives and salami

Two of the most key ingredients on any antipasto platter – aside from some crusty bread – are olives and salami. Now while the old pepperoni and Spanish olives is a mainstay of your regular old pizza places, why not get fancy with your salami and olives? How about some Soppressata, Napolitano, or Chorizo? As for the olives, how about some Kalamata olives, some Nicoise olives, or some garlic olives? With both these two elements on your pizza, you’ll find that you don’t need much else. Perhaps a little bit of rocket to keep things a little green.

Prawn and fetta

Do you usually have a little bit of seafood on your antipasto platter? Perhaps some prawns or a bit of pickled octopus? Then you’ll love the prawn and feta pizza. Prawns and feta on pizza, what could be more indulgent? Pair your prawns and fetta with ingredients liked roasted capsicum, spring onions, and don’t forget that garlic! For the best pizza, make sure that your prawns are the large ones instead of the small shrimpy ones that they have on el cheapo pizzas. The larger the prawn the more delicious it’ll be to pop it in your mouth!

The all-in treat

Really, really love antipasto? Then go for gold with the all-in treat. Think about everything you love on an antipasto platter – Kalamata olives, pancetta, salami, marinated eggplant and capsicum, artichoke, sundried tomatoes… Pop everything that you love on the one pizza or split the ingredients across two different ones if you think that it’ll be a bit overboard on just the one. Make sure to pair with some gourmet cheese to really get that flavour hit going.

Pancetta, brie and fig

When we’re talking about truly gourmet with our antipasto platters there may be one ingredient that is on the board but not often. What’s that, you say? Ah, the delicious fig! That sweet hit and interesting texture can marry well with the other flavours of your antipasto platter. What goes best with the fig? Well, you might like to try out the truly stellar combination of fig with brie and pancetta – a true taste sensation. Add some rocket, again, if you feel like there’s a bit of green missing from your plate, or serve with a side salad.

Get creative and build your pizza based on your antipasto platter preferences. Whether it’s home made or bought from the pizza place around the corner, you’ll be on to a winning combination in no time.

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