Sweaty Betty! 6 Tips for Staying Sweat Free in Your Wedding Dress

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Some of us are more prone to sweating than others; it’s just an unfortunate fact of life. So while you’re over here pouring sweat just sitting at lunch in a strappy top, your friend may be there in her tight white tee simply looking poised. Now, usually, this isn’t so much of a bother, right? It’s natural to sweat, and as long as you don’t mind getting a bit sweaty attending any occasion is fine. You’ll give yourself a little bit of a wipe off before people start snapping for the ‘Gram, but that’s about it. You know which of your clothes can be work in summer and which ones are strictly wintered only.

But your wedding day is another story altogether. If the thought of wearing a floor length gown all day with perfectly poised hair and makeup makes you break out in a cold sweat (get it! ahaha) then we’ve got some tips to save you from being a puddle on your big day.

6 Tips for Staying Sweat Free in Your Wedding Dress

Tip #1: Forget summer, go for an early spring or late autumn wedding

This one might be a little obvious for you ladies out there, but it’s definitely worth mentioning up first. While there’s plenty of sunshine in summer and it might be great for pictures, often it’s just too darn hot! If you are a sweaty betty, then make sure to cross summer dates off your list of possible wedding dates. The cooler the temp is outside, the better chance you have of making it through the day smiling and fabulous in your Sottero & Midgley Samirah wedding gown.

Tip #2: Necklines and backs matter

For sweating, it’s generally that the greater amount of clothing you wear, the more you’ll sweat. While you’ll probably go for a floor length wedding dress (props to the ladies out there who do the mini or knee length, though!), you can be in charge of how much fabric you have to have up top. Going for designs that have spaghetti or thin straps with a low or open back gives you much more room to breathe up to. We’d recommend not being tempted by designs with illusion netting up top either. Though it’s difficult to see and can look beautiful, that extra layer just puts extra pressure on you.

Tip #3: Choose your fabrics wisely

It should go without saying that thick, heavy fabrics are going to be a no-go for you on your wedding day – and boning in particular! You should instead look for breathable, light, flowing fabrics. Sheath dresses can be a good idea or thin dresses with a layer of lace over the top. Make sure to wear cotton underwear so it can breathe. If you are super-sold on a big puffy ball skirt design, look at using a hoop skirt that stays away from your body.

Tip #4: Grab a heavy duty antiperspirant

If you sweat all over your body, including your face, then you should look into purchasing a heavy duty antiperspirant for use all over the body and face – not just your underarms. Recommended brands that you can purchase online in Australia include DRICLOR and Odaban. These are far more effective and general use than your regular Rexona or Nivea. Try these out well in advance of your wedding date to ensure you don’t have any adverse reactions on the day.

Tip #5: Think baby powder

Susceptible to sweaty chaffing? That’s what using baby powder (or other talc-free body powders) is for, if you don’t already use it. Apply in problem spots like underneath the breasts, between the legs and under the arms to reduce any chaffing on the day. If you decide to wear Spanx (or similar shapewear) on the day, you can spray it down with antiperspirant first, then baby powder on the inside of the undergarment. This will ensure that you don’t get that chaffing – if you opt for one of the models with the built in shorts.

Tip #6: Botox isn’t just for your face

If you suffer from excessive sweating under the arms, you can get Botox injections under your arms that stop your sweat glands here from working as they usually would. If you aren’t comfortable with the effects and don’t want to continue it’s not too much trouble – the shots only last for around 3 to 6 months. Have a read up about local Botox providers in your area to ensure you are going to a reputable business experienced in underarm Botox.

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