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Nothing sets a more inviting atmosphere like wood-burning fireplaces. Wood burning fireplaces have been riding the crest of the wave in the last few years. Inbuilt wood heating options have proved to be extremely popular in Australia and across the world. These heating installations serve both a function and aesthetic purpose. They are an ingenious heating solution worth looking into. The history of inbuilt wood heating options dates back to the inception of fireplaces. Initially, heating was crudely done by simply having a fire in a living space. Although this sounds absurd it was possible due to the housing structures available at that time. As architecture progressed, heating options for houses were revised and new wood heating options were invented.

There are many modern inbuilt wood heating options available in Australia. Lopi is one of the top manufacturers of wood burning stoves in Sydney. The company has a matchless reputation with a wide range of inbuilt fireplaces. The Lopi Flush Wood Hybrid Fyre comes is among the most popular options and it comes in different sizes.  The Lopi Flush Wood Large Hybrid Fyre is the largest in the lineup of insert wood fireplaces from Lopi. This design maintains the aesthetics of traditional fireplaces combined with the energy efficiency of modern wood burning stoves. The stove has a quality steel build with reinforcements that make the stove sturdy. The design of the stove is dependent on the client but it comes with a multiple face option. Other Lopi inbuilt wood heating options include the Lopi Evergreen Freestanding Wood Fireplace and the Lopi Endeavor Freestanding Wood Fireplace.

Arrow inbuilt wood heaters are popular heating solutions in Australia. They come standard with performance-enhancing cast iron fire box liners and cast iron grates. The wood heaters have an easy to use ash pan, which means you need never let the fire go out.  Arrow wood heaters have a unique build comprising of fully welded steel plate firebox fitted with performance-enhancing cast iron liners. The cast iron liners allow for greater heat retention and transfer of heated air into the home. Most of the heaters can heat up to 350 sqm of living space. Arrow wood heaters have a 3-way air induction system to the firebox that provides for a complete burn of the fuel for optimum heat output. The whole system has a 60% energy efficiency rating with 1.0 g/kg emissions.

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One of the most advanced inbuilt wood heaters in the market is the Regency. This line of wood heaters has a matchless reputation. The Regency Montrose is among the top inbuilt wood heaters in Sydney. This wood heater is designed for modern living and adds ambiance and comfort to any room. The Regency Montrose is designed to fit into a custom built wall without a brick fireplace or chimney ensuring. As a result, the Montrose can be installed in any room. As a slow combustion heater, the unit can be controlled to maximize heat output as well as wood usage. The heater can heat a living space of up to 200sqm if a fan is used. The Montrose has low emissions of 1.2g/kg and a fuel efficiency of 62%.  Designed to not only meet but exceed the very latest Australian requirements for emissions and efficiency, this is the latest in heating technology.

Axis fireplaces specialize in the manufacturing of designer wood fireplaces and are ranked among the top companies in Australia. The Axis fireplaces are renowned for their advanced heating technology, high-quality steel and contemporary fireplace designs. Axis fireplaces’ have been dedicated to designing and manufacturing luxury steel fireboxes using state of the art technology. All the units are mechanically welded to the frame. As a result of this craftsmanship, no warping of the firebox can ever occur. The build has refractory firebricks for extra heat retention. Axis fireplaces can heat up to 300sqm of living space and have over 60% energy efficiency.

Wood burning stoves come in different designs and the choice is solely based on personal preference. Wood burning stoves not only serve a functional purpose but also revamp the look of a room. If you wish to have a contemporary look in your interior, a wood burning stove would be the ideal choice. You can get stoves in traditional or ultra-modern shapes to complement your interior. You can still successfully pull off a traditional or rustic look in your living space with wood burning stoves. There are traditional design options available that are guaranteed to give you the cozy effect you seek. Wood burning stoves offer a good alternative to inefficient heating systems like open fires. They reduce a house’s carbon footprint and make the most of renewable energy.

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