Pest Prevention: Avoid A Bedbug Attack

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Bedbugs are small creatures that thrive in environments where there is an abundance of their primary food source: human blood. Like mosquitoes, bedbugs are bloodsuckers, but unlike their winged counterparts, bedbugs cannot fly from place to place. To spread and to find new areas in which to breed and feed, bedbugs will often attach themselves to various objects such as the clothes you wear. From here, they will move to new areas, settling on whatever places that you or any other person may come in contact with.

Avoiding a bedbug attack usually comes down to vigilance and proactively implementing various methods to prevent an infestation.

First, it pays to be aware. You must be mindful that bedbugs will commonly appear in any place and at any time. They do not thrive in specific environs. Instead, they are driven by the availability of food sources. Bedbugs can be present in most public spaces, as well as in private homes. Since they rely on the movement of people from place to place to move about and spread, bedbugs can appear in almost any area and can spread far and wide. Being able to identify the appearance of bedbugs as well as knowledge of the signs of their presence can be a very effective method in avoiding coming into contact with them.

Secondly, you must check your environs. Since you may not always be able to control the places that your family members or guests visit before they come into your home, you must keep an eye on your environment to avoid a bedbug infestation. Check your furniture regularly for any signs of bedbugs. Your family’s clothing and belongings should also undergo thorough checks, especially after overnight trips and extended visits to public areas.

Make sure to eliminate as many hiding spots as possible. Before they are adults, bedbugs are not always easily detectable. They rely on this trait to remain hidden until they can find a food source, or can attach themselves to move about. Even adult bedbugs can be easily missed. This is why it is essential to clear your home of clutter. A clearer environment gives fewer spots in which to hide, and also makes detection easier in case they do find their way in initially.

If you live in an area where major facilities are commonly shared, you should be careful to maintain proper separation of belongings. This may help to prevent exposure to and contact with bedbugs should an infestation occur. If you suspect or witness the presence of bedbugs in an area you have been occupying, then you must do your utmost to avoid taking the suspected items into your home. Eliminate them while you are outside or in a secluded room within the home and then do your best to quarantine them until proper and thorough cleaning can be performed.

Finally, it is always good to have an effective pest management plan in place. Enlisting the aid of a professional pest control manager can go a long way in the prevention or early detection of bedbugs. You should have regular pest inspections carried out on your home for assurance that a practised eye has been able to affirm that your home remains bedbug free.


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