Options for Ute Accessories

Options for Ute Accessories

Ute’s or utility vehicles are vehicles that have been designed to perform a specific task, and thanks to different car manufacturers, they come in a range of styles, shapes and sizes which mean you can buy the one closest to your needs and then you can add different accessories to make the ute work even better for you.


List of Extra Add-ons for UTE

Some of the extras or add-ons you can buy for your ute include:


These can be hinged at the back, front or sides and can be custom made to suit your own requirements. Canopies are also available in a range of colours and they are extremely easy to use, maintain and clean. A good example of a canopy is the Plexiglas canopy, they are easily available and can be fitted in a workshop, they are designed to suit dual and single cabs. Plexiglas canopies come with a smooth finish and they are protected against leakage.

Roof Racks

These are yet another ute accessory that offers ute owners some extra space to carry their gear. Roof racks can be adjusted to accommodate the weight of the load, the type of the ute and the canopy height. As their name suggests, roof racks are fitted to the roof of your ute or canopy with bolts on brackets and backing plates to add support and to stop the shifting of your luggage or gear while driving. Some roof racks are available in a platform design, they are easy to install and can also be used as roof top tents.

Ute Trays

Ute trays generally come in a range of different materials and are most commonly available in steel, aluminium and alloy. They are very easy to assemble. Trays come with both tail light and mesh window protection and square headboards that have been designed to offer you a wider carrying capability.

Ute lids

These are another accessory that provides protection for your belongings. While you are limited to a cover just for the tray, it’s not deep – like a ute canopy, so you are restricted with space. But, if you want to keep your tools and other valuables safe ute lids are installed with a locking system, the ute lid lifts easily and allows good access to the back tray of your ute.

Ute Liners

These offer protection for the load area of your ute. They are fixed to the tray by steel bolts and a backing plate which offers greater support. Ute liners can be customised to suit your utes design and colour and some come with tail gates. Ute liners are flexible, they don’t warp, crack or become brittle, even under heavy use, and they help keep your cargo safe, secure and in one place while you are driving. There is nothing worse than items just rolling around your tray loose – damaging both the tray and themselves.

Side Steps

Side steps give you easier access to the cabin of your ute, this is perfect if you are short, have children, or you want to be able to reach the roof racks a lot easier, to either put items up or take them down.


Snorkels are great to help anyone who will be driving their ute through water crossings, or for those living in the bush/country who are driving on dry and dusty roads. Snorkels help provide you with a cleaner air intake.

Bonnet Protectors

This is a very simple accessory, which helps to shield the ute’s bonnet and keep it protected from flying stones. It also gives you ute a more *polished* look.


Bull bars are generally made from steel or a lighter alloy and they are there to protect the front of your ute from accidental collisions, – especially a run in with a kangaroo. Popular with those living in the country a bull bar is a great structure for adding additional lighting – especially if you travel the country, dirt roads and tracks of a night. You can also add a winch, fishing rod holder and CB aerials to the bull bar. Whether you like weekends away in the bush, or you live in the country a bull bar is a trusty addition to any ute.

Tow bar

The tow bar is one of the most common and sought-after ute accessories when you have a tow bar added to your ute you can tow a trailer, a boat, caravan, jet ski or even a horse float. Even if you don’t think you will be towing anything, a tow-bar is a handy accessory, because you just don’t know when you’ll need it!

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