Make Sure You Maintain Your Pool in Summer

Make Sure You Maintain Your Pool in Summer

A pool is a luxury installation that heightens the living experience of any home. Pools come in different shapes and sizes. When it comes to the build of a pool the options vary from concrete and vinyl pools to fibreglass pools. Each build has it’s pros and cons. Selection boils down to personal preference. Moreover, the shape of the pool is varied. Concrete pools, in particular, have no limit to the design. Additional fittings like fountains can be set up in and around your pool to accentuate your swimming experience. Aside from installing a pool, it’s important to maintain it in order to enjoy all the benefits of owning one. Here are some basic things you must do to maintain your pool in excellent working order.

Maintain good pool chemistry

7.2 to 7.8 on the pH scale is the ideal level for swimming pool water. At the optimum pH level, the water is not harsh on the skin and the eyes. Moreover, it prevents the growth of bacteria and other organisms that thrive in large pools of water. Optimum pool chemistry ensures the good health of pool users and maintains the structural integrity of the pool. When the pH is low, less chlorine is needed. However, as the pH rises, the amount of active chlorine reduces and more of the compound is needed to reduce the pH. Maintaining good pool chemistry reduces the need for chlorine.

Clean out the skimmer

Before debris settles to the bottom of the pool, a skimmer’s primary job is to remove contaminants from the surface of the pool. Skimmers are installed at the side of the pool and are critical to maintaining the hygiene of a pool. The pool surface is the primary point of entry for contaminants. Therefore, an efficient skimmer is certain to keep your pool clean. It is also important to empty your skimmer. The installation gets filled with debris and dirt which may clog the unit or flow back to the pool.

Check the water level

You don’t want the pool water levels to be too high or too low. Maintaining an optimum level is important for good performance of the pool. If the water level is too high the skimmers will be inefficient and ineffective in cleaning the pool. The door to the skimmer does not work well when levels are too high. As a result, debris and contaminants may escape out of the skimmer. When the water level is too low, you run the risk of overworking the pump and burning it out.

Clean the filter

A filtration system is central to cleaning out the pool. The system is designed to filter out small debris that makes it past the skimmers. Unfortunately, long periods of operation or excessive contaminants may clog the system. It’s therefore important to clean out the filtration cartridges at least every 4-6 months. Certain circumstances like a storm necessitate cleaning the filtration system more frequently.

Maintaining a pool requires a thorough follow up. However, the rewards are great and your swimming experience is certain to be at its best.

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