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Piston Systems

Managing your operational costs is one of the main ways to ensure profitability in the commercial vehicle industry. You can lower operational costs in several ways. These include performing regular maintenance, improving driver expertise and managing fuel consumption.

Using high-quality aftermarket parts for trucks is one of the most effective ways to lower your operational costs. Aftermarket parts are affordable truck components that satisfy the original manufacturer’s specifications. You should only source these components from reputable manufacturers and licensed distributors.

The piston system of a commercial vehicle is the heart of its engine. Any imperfections in the piston design or operation can cause irreparable damage to the engine. Faulty pistons can also increase fuel consumption considerably. MAHLE is famous for producing some of the best performing pistons for commercial vehicles. Read on if you would like to know more about the company and its range of pistons.

Who is MAHLE?

MAHLE is a leading producer of vehicle engine components and air conditioning technology. The company’s main focus is to advance internal combustion engines and e-mobility technology.

The Mahle brothers started the company in 1920 to manufacture their innovative light-alloy engine pistons. The pair developed these pistons to replace the heavy grey cast iron pistons that dominated the market at the time.

From a small test workshop in Germany, MAHLE has become a global brand. Today, one in every two cars is equipped with MAHLE components. The company has made an immeasurable contribution to the development of commercial vehicle engines and has revolutionized its performance.

To keep ahead of the competition, MAHLE continually invests in its innovation and research departments. This is evident since the company has 16 active R&D centres. MAHLE has a workforce of more than 77,000 employees distributed in 160 locations worldwide. In 2019, MAHLE reported sales worth around 12 billion Euros.

MAHLE Pistons

The world has seen a rise in the demand for energy-efficient yet eco-friendly technology in the transportation industry. Such developments create several business opportunities for innovative companies like MAHLE. MAHLE’s latest range of pistons solutions enhances engine performance while complying with stringent emissions regulations. These solutions include

  • MAHLE Aluminum Pistons
  • MAHLE Steel Pistons

MAHLE Aluminium Pistons

To withstand the high-performance demands of commercial vehicle engines, MAHLE makes some pistons from cast aluminium-silicon alloys. The alloys are resistant to high temperatures and can withstand cylinder pressures that exceed 200 bars. MAHLE aluminium pistons are durable, low weight and have high structural rigidity.

MAHLE steel Pistons

MAHLE’s high-strength steel designs enhance the performance of commercial engine pistons throughout their lifespan. They are ideal for engines that experience peak cylinder pressures that exceed 220 bar.

MAHLE is constantly developing new steel piston construction methods to suit the ever-changing emissions legislation requirements. The company currently has four steel piston concepts including a friction-welded piston known as the MonoWeld® piston.


The MAHLE PCU or Power Cell Unit is a modular piston system. It is made up of the entire piston assembly. Its components include the piston, its rings and pin as well as the cylinder liner, connecting rod and bearing shells.

The MAHLE PCU simplifies the assembly and installation processes during engine maintenance. This reduces vehicle downtime and labour costs. The MAHLE PCU has a recommended service life of 1.6 million kilometres.

Aftermarket parts for European trucks are readily available in New Zealand. This helps truck operators avoid the long waiting times experienced when ordering components from overseas. By sourcing components from the Australian Aftermarket, commercial vehicle operators can improve their profits significantly.


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