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If your looking to heat a larger home, then the Liberty Series freestanding fireplace is the one for you. Why? This model has the biggest firebox, and with adjustable airflow – it enables this beauty to achieve burn times of up to 12 hours. With a heating capacity of 300 Sqm, this wood burning stove will keep your home warm throughout the colder months. An optional blower will help move the heat to cooler areas in your home and can be highly desirable if you live in a colder climate.


Proving that functionality doesn’t have to be at the expense of good design, the Liberty series is easy on the eye – you can choose between steel legs or pedestals with finishes to suit your preferred style. The steel door frame and glass comes with optional finishes – so you can really customise this fireplace. Choose between Black, Pewter Plated or Solid Brass with plain glass or an etched glass design.


This stove is also Greenstart compatible, meaning ignition is at the push of a button. Too easy!


A good way to consider whether this wood fireplace may be right for you is to look over some reviews – people just like you who have bought the stove and are using it. With so many stoves to choose from and brands, you’ll want to make sure you’re not disappointed with your purchase. So what do other people think of the Liberty Series?


Product Reviews

One reviewer on Heat Talk, (a review site for heating systems) found that the Liberty Series has great power in its heating capability, given that his home is much larger than the stated capacity for the heater. He said that this heater “heats the entire house with no issues” further adding “a great stove”. This reviewer rated the Overall Performance as a 9, Efficiency as an 8, and Ease of Use as a 9.


Another reviewer on Heat Talk felt that although he was otherwise pleased with the stove, the glass is susceptible to seemingly unexplained breakage, saying that after owning the stove for a few years “recently the glass cracked on the top” adding that “there were no embers of hot wood touching it at all.” Otherwise, this person rated the Overall Performance as an 8, Efficiency as a 9 and Ease of Use as an 8.


One satisfied reviewer from Goulburn NSW on another review site Product Review stated that temperatures where he lives “drop as low as -10” adding that he uses the fan to push the heat from the lounge room to the bedrooms, further adding that it “heats the whole house to a comfortable level”.


Another reviewer on the site Product Review, who lives in Sydney, found that although he also has ducted air conditioning, the electricity prices are too high, saying that his fireplace “doesn’t make the whole area hot but it is very comfortable on cold nights.” Also adding that “the optional fan is worth buying” as he finds it immensely beneficial, further adding that this “is a premium product”.


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