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Shane Jacobson, the well-known Australian actor, director, comedian and writer is best known for his role as *the Dunny Man* a plumber working for a portable toilet rental company in the 2006 movie *Kenny* and also in the spin off TV series *Kenny’s World*. He is currently the host/presenter on Channel 7’s tv series *Little Big Shots*. He also known for his charity work and as a motivational speaker.

Recently the National Heavy Vehicle Register has teamed up with this Aussie Icon to talk heavy vehicle safety.

CEO of the National Heavy Vehicle Register Sal Petroccitto stated that Shane Jacobson had agreed to front the *Tell A Mate heavy vehicle social media safety* campaign. Sal met Shane in Cairns at a heavy vehicle event and was impressed with his passion for heavy vehicle safety.

Sal stated * I’m pleased someone with Shane’s profile has agreed to encourage heavy vehicle drivers to get out there and *Tell a mate* about heavy vehicle safety*.

The Tell A Mate campaign has been designed and delivered by the NHVR as a social media campaign, to highlight the fact that heavy vehicle safety is everyone’s business – it doesn’t matter if your drive a truck, drive a car or tow a caravan.

Shane Jacobson who is delighted to be involved has stated – *If you’re a driver or operator who has been around heavy vehicles for any length of time you know how important safety is, don’t keep your safety tips to yourself. Talk to other drivers, talk to your mates who drive light vehicles or talk to everyone in your supply chain. In my experience truck drivers love a yarn and love to tell a story, but rarely do I hear them talk about safety. Then next time you’re speaking to a mate, share your knowledge about heavy vehicle safety. *

At the end of the day, no matter who you are – heavy vehicle safety is everyone business.

The National Heavy Vehicle Register has outlined a range of tips or suggestions, providing a starting point, a way to start the conversation, from truck drivers to car drivers. If we work together and watch out for each other, we can start preventing so many accidents and deaths on the roads today.

Tell a mate who drives a truck

  • Always check that your load is, and has been properly restrained
  • Take your time out there, you don’t have to rush
  • Always drive to the weather and road conditions – don’t speed
  • Do your daily heavy vehicle check
  • Don’t drive distracted – put down the phone
  • Know your heavy vehicle journey – know where you are going and how to get there

Tell a mate to focus on fatigue

  • If your vision is getting dim, or fuzzy, take a break
  • Take your time, never rush just for a deadline
  • Is your written work diary up to date?
  • Electronic work diaries are voluntary – not compulsory – and they are just an alternative to a written work diary
  • Know your heavy vehicle work and rest requirements

Tell a mate that an approved Electronic Work Diary

  • Is just a voluntary option for recording your work and rest hours
  • It’s only a regulatory alternative to a written work diary
  • It’s there to assist a driver log more accurate working and resting hours
  • It records your time in minutes so there is no need to round up, or down your working times and rest periods
  • It can include portable devices such as tablets, mobile phones and more traditional telematic devices.

Tell a mate in your heavy vehicle supply chain

  • That there are changes to the Chain of Responsibly laws coming in
  • Do not put any extra pressure on a driver that forces him to break the law
  • To understand their responsibility in making heavy vehicle safety a priority, always use quality truck spare parts
  • To know their roles in the transport task
  • Check and monitor safety in your business and across your supply chain
  • Take steps to effectively minimise or eliminate your heavy vehicle safety risks, and always order the correct truck spare parts

Tell a mate who drives a car

  • Always be aware of trucks on the road
  • Leave truck bays clear so truckies can get some rest
  • Share the road, allow heavy vehicles the room they need
  • Tailgating gets you nowhere
  • Can you see my mirrors?
  • Stay safe around heavy vehicles
  • Leave enough space for a heavy vehicle to be able to turn
  • Distraction kills, be alert when you are around heavy vehicles
  • Drive to the road and weather conditions when around heavy vehicles
  • Don’t steal the space in front of a heavy vehicle

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