Is My Yard Big Enough for a Play Module?

Is My Yard Big Enough for a Play Module

Play modules are some of the most popular children’s entertainment toys in Australia today. When your child is playing, you want them to not only be engaged physically but also creatively and socially. Since play modules are usually set up outdoors, they allow your child to be physically active as they use their imagination and innate creativity to have fun. Most play modules are also made for multiple children to play with, which allows your children to interact with each other and their friends which will enable them to improve their social skills.

With the suitability of play modules having been established, the next question is whether you have enough room in your yard to set up a play module for your child(ren). If you have a yard, then the simple answer to that question is a resounding yes. Play modules do not come in one size; you can purchase a module that works with the yard space that you currently have.

There are more elaborate modules that will require some significant real estate to accommodate the setup, and there are those that are more modestly designed to fit into the few square feet that you have available in your yard. If you make a few adjustments to the current furniture and other items that are currently residing in your yard, you will be pleasantly surprised by how well a play module will fit.

The enjoyment that your children get from the play module is not directly related it its size. Play modules are created to engage your child’s imagination and give it a space to be exercised. Most play modules come with themes that will appeal to your child. It is important to take the time to understand your child’s interests before investing in a play module.

If your child loves sports, then it is not difficult to find a play module that allows them to express themselves. There are nautical based play modules, swing sets, trampolines and train based modules. The best way of ensuring that your children will enjoy the play module is to shortlist the ones that fall within your budget, and can fit within the space currently available in your yard and include them in the final selection process.

Since play modules will be enjoyed by your children and their friends, you can collaborate with your neighbour to either fund the purchase and make arrangements to increase the yard space available. If you share a common property boundary, there is no reason why you cannot set up a play module that straddles both your properties which will be enjoyed by the children in both households.

You can further ensure that you get a suitable play module by consulting with your local play module provider. You can have their certified installers pay a visit to your property to determine which setup will be suitable for your children (depending on their age) and space and budget that you are working with.

You also need to consider the fact that your yard should be prepared for the safety of all the children who will be enjoying your play module. Children are clumsy, and when they play as a group, there are bound to be a few falls and scrapes. Ensure that you have soft grass which will not hurt them when they fall. Any yard implements such as garden gnomes and lawn mowers need to be put away during playtime.

You also need to ensure that you have a well-stocked first aid kit, and some first aid training so that you can deal with any accidental injuries. It is not advisable to place your play module in your front yard if it is adjacent to a street. First set up a formidable perimeter fence to avoid any unfortunate incidents involving the kids’ play spilling over to the street. You should also make arrangements to have adult chaperones at all times to diffuse any conflicts and respond to any emergencies as they happen.

A small yard is no reason to deny your children the joy of playing outdoors. There has been an outcry in the past two decades that electronic entertainment systems such as video game consoles and TVs deny children valuable outdoor play experiences. Play modules are the perfect motivation for your children to have outdoor fun with their siblings and their friends.

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