How to Upgrade Your Existing Fireplace/Heater without Replacing It


Winter is fast approaching. You need to prepare your fireplace or heater thoroughly so it can serve you best. After years of burning, it can wear down and cause inefficiencies. Before spending a fortune in buying a new one, have you considered several upgrades that could save you money? The following are things to do to make your old looking fireplace efficient and functional throughout the next chilly season.


Install Glass Fireplace Doors

Unlike a gas or electric heater that you can switch off before going to bed, a wood fireplace is not safe. Sparks and wood that is on fire can easily fly out of the empty opening. For this reason, invest in trendy glass doors. These are made in standard sizes and can fit just any standard fireplace. Alternatively, have yours custom-made to suit your style and lifestyle.


Repair the Fireplace

Nothing is more unsightly in a living room than a fireplace whose mortar is crumbled and cracked after years of use. Some of the mortar and bricks can fall off if the whole area is neglected. Bricks are particularly vulnerable to high heat for prolonged periods. Take the time to replace those that have fallen off or cracked. This may take you a couple of hours.


Install a Mantel

Is the mantel around your fireplace broken or otherwise damaged? Consider installing a new one and inject the same old aura of stylish home design. Your mantel is a solid concrete anchor to the fireplace. You can also display antique items and works of art on the shelf of the mantel. You can easily find mantels in salvage yards for a fraction of the price.


Have the Hearth Tiled

Fireplaces usually attract so much attention as these are the hosts of the fire. How about the area around it? Upgrade the hearth by using stylish and functional tiles. This creates an aura of sophistication. At the same time, it protects the floor nearest to the fireplace from damage by heat. Let the tiling accentuate the interior décor and style of the living room.


Install a Fireback

Installing a fireback is another great idea to upgrade the firewood while achieving maximum efficiency. A fireback is a metallic plate installed at the back of the fireplace. They help in reflecting heat from inside and into the space around your living room. Talk to an experienced fireplace installer to determine the best fire back for your fireplace.


Add Fire Exchangers to Your Investment

Fire exchangers are custom-made grates that allow air to flow around the firewood. They are essential in ensuring that the wood burns wholly and consistently. These also blow the hot air from the fireplace to the surrounding areas. Before installing one, let an expert examine the fireplace and chimney to ensure that these can withstand high temperatures.


Air Inlets and Fireplace Dampers

The fireplace needs a large amount of air to burn wood effectively. There is, therefore, the need to install air inlets to bring oxygen into the fireplace. The dampers can work with air inlets to control the amount of air coming into the fireplace. When you open the dampers, they allow the flow of hot air up the chimney. When they are closed, they create a tight seal to lock on the much needed hot air.

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