How to Pick the Right Wood Heater for You

Despite the availability of gas and electric heaters, many people still prefer wood fireplaces because of their classiness. The other two cannot match the natural appearance of the flames produced by burning wood.

However, it can be difficult to find the right wood heater to warm up your home. Here are some factors you need to consider.



There are two popular designs of wood fireplaces – inbuilt and freestanding.

Inbuilt heaters are a modern alternative to traditional fireplaces. They are more efficient because the heat gets circulated in your room instead of being lost through the chimney. If you have an existing brick fireplace, you can upgrade it by purchasing an inbuilt unit.

Freestanding heaters are ideal if you do not have a fireplace. They are easy to install and are available in multiple outlooks – modern, classic, rustic, and so forth.



Choosing the right size is vital when shopping for a wood heater. However, getting the calculations right can be challenging. The best way to go about it is by considering the size of your home – if it is big, purchase a huge heater, and vice versa.

Another thing that could influence the size of a wood heater is the number of heat sources in your home. If you intend to use it as the primary source of heat, it would be best if you get a large unit. However, if you are complementing other sources, there is no need to go big.


Carbon Footprint

Using a wood heater does not mean you are hurting the environment unless you live in a desert. Wood is a renewable resource that is readily available in many regions.

As compared to other fossil fuels, wood produces smaller amounts of carbon, especially if it sourced from sustainable sources and burned correctly. Factors that might increase the carbon footprint of your wood stove include using a poor quality unit, burning moist wood, using low temperatures, and your location.

It is advisable to purchase models that are certified by local environmental authorities.



When you purchase an efficient wood heater, you spend less money on fuel, and more importantly, you conserve the environment. The majority of old models are inefficient and consume a lot of fuel. This is why you should buy models certified by the EPA. Also, newer models have features like inbuilt thermostats that further enhance their efficiency.


Smart Features

Similar to other domestic appliances, wood heaters have advanced technological features. Some modern units have features that like easier ignition, remote controls, and superior safety functionality. By purchasing a smart heating system, you have an easier time when it gets cold. That said, these units tend to be more expensive than standard models.



Wood heaters are still popular because of their affordability and classic outlook. If you intend to add one to your home, make sure that you consider the factors listed above. More importantly, get a qualified installer since a poor installation might affect the performance of your heater, regardless of its quality.


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