How To Maintain Wood Floors

wooden flooring

Investing in wood flooring is a significant investment. It would be unwise to neglect such a major part of your investment. Here are some tips for maintaining your wooden flooring so that they are always at their best.

Remove Spills Immediately

Ensure that there are no spillages, but if they occur, make an effort to clean them immediately. Timely cleaning of liquids helps in preventing the wood from swelling and shrinking. If this goes on for sometimes, gapping, cupping, and splitting of the wood may occur.

Discourage wet shoes in the house and try to maintain a constant temperature of above 16oC. Avoid using steamy or damp mops, abrasive chemicals, or furniture polish when cleaning the floor. Instead, use a microfiber and wooden floor cleaning spray. Humidifiers should be used during hot and humid months as they help in minimising chances of gapping occurring.

Use of Furniture Pads

These prevent the formation of scratches – the most prevalent problem faced by homeowners with wood flooring. All the furniture and movable objects in the house should have caps so that they do not damage the floor during movement.

Sweep Regularly

When asked, most owners say that sweeping is the hardest thing to do. Although it is tiresome, it is recommended to sweep daily and ensure there is no formation of crumbs.


Although they are long-lasting, wood flooring requires re-finishing after a minimum period of three years. You can do this by using a sand finish or applying a new coat depending on your taste and preference.Not only will this repair any damages, but it willalso leave you with a spotless floor.

Avoid Footwear

Since some of these wood floorings are delicate, you have to ensure the people accessing the house do not wear shoes. Spike heels should be highly discouraged as they can dent the wooden surface.

Vacuum Regularly

Sometimes, sweeping may not remove all the dirt, and this may lead to the accumulation of dust. It isbest to use a vacuum cleaner at least once a week to ensure there is no dirt build up and also to get rid of any dust missed by brooms.

Trim Your Pet’s Nails

If you have pets in the house, cuttheir nails and paws to avoid scratching and staining the floor.

Use of Rugs

Place rugs at the doorway as it helps to prevent dirt and debris from getting onto the floor. It also reduces the extent of scratchingon the floor.

Avoiding Sliding Things on the Floor

While moving things across the room, emphasize carrying because dragging and sliding causes scratches and markings on the floor.

Removal of Sticky Stuff with Ice

If any sticky like a piece of chewing gum or wax falls on the floor, you should not scratch it off. Instead, apply ice on it. Ice will make the substance hard, and thenyou can remove itwith a plastic scraper.


Wooden floors are beautiful and can last a lifetime if you maintain them properly. You should observe the steps mentioned above to extend the longevity of your wooden flooring.

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