How To Host An Unforgettable BBQ


5 Sure Fire Tips To Make Your BBQ Extra Special

So.  It’s your turn.You’ve been volunteered (or this is your doing) to host the next barbecue.  Now with great praise comes great responsibility.

You have to make sure you plan and prepare accordingly.

That means the food, the activities, being the social butterfly, glue, and life of the party.  While this all seems pretty standard, don’t forget you need to provide a clean and safe environment for your guests to have a good time and want to return.

Let’s shift gears a bit because we don’t want to scare you. You can really do this. We want to give you some tried and true tips to make sure your barbecue is simply unforgettable.

We want to leave your guests asking for more and asking for the next invite.

Come take a look.


Keep The Menu Simple

Don’t go overboard

We know that you want to impress your guests with rare delicacies from around the depths of earth but how about going with some tried and true classics as the foundation of your barbecue menu.  Keep things casual for yourself and this vibe will extend to your guests, allowing for a fantastic time.  Two to three meats are always good followed up with 2 side options like roasted vegetables and a hot/dry pasta salad.  Top things off with a big green leafy salad to round off the meal.


The Essentials

Many would say these are the no brainers. The obvious things that any living and breathing human being with a brain would think of.

You are absolutely wrong.  We will call these things the glue and special touch to your barbecue.

Items like extra seating, napkins, paper towels, trash bags, toothpicks, a condiment bar, table linings, and extra ice are things often taken for granted.  Once noticed, the lack of these items can heat up party anxiety and discomfort fast.




Bugs Begone

Don’t forget insect repellants if you are having an outdoor affair.  While the smoke from the grill helps ward off pesky bugs and wasps, extra insect sprays for your guests can really make your barbecue next level.  You can also use citronella candles and oils to repel mosquitos and flies.

You don’t want bugs irritating your guests and hovering around the food.  Some guests are simply uninvited.


Stock Your Bar

Ever been to a barbecue where the booze or even water ran out?

Nothing is worse than eating a jalapeno from a burger and you don’t have anything to wash it down with!  Now this is a rare occurrence, but it can happen.  Don’t let this happen to your guests by ensuring the bar is well stocked with plenty to spare.  Continue to replenish beverages (both adult and regular) throughout the night for your guests.

Also, it’s not wise to have all alcohol and no water so make sure you have everything to keep your guests properly hydrated.  As we mentioned before, don’t forget to keep plenty of ice around!




Be A Crowd Pleaser

In addition to making magic on the grill, be sure to entertain your crowd. While this doesn’t have to solely be your responsibility, make sure you plan ahead as if you were a guest attending a function.

If you don’t have a DJ, consider preparing some music playlists ahead of time to have the music and general vibes covered.  You will want to have games of all types, but most likely low key as you want to make sure your guests have options, but enough energy to eat the food you prepare!

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