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Whether you just want to gift a little surprise, say thank you or need a special present for an upcoming celebration, coming up with a gift idea for the special person in your life isn’t always easy. Finding the right gift basket if your partner is a connoisseur doesn’t make it easier since we all know foodies are hard to please as they might already know how to prepare and eat some of the world’s best food. To help you come up with ideas, we have put together 7 delicious gifts for your food enthusiast, which will delight any gourmet and home cook.

DIY Cheese Kit

With this DIY cheese kit, some of Italy’s best food is now freshly available in your partner’s kitchen within just one hour. If you gourmet always wanted to learn how to make classic cheese, this present is the perfect gift for the cheese lover! The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and enables the foodie to make 30 batches of different cheeses. It includes everything you need to make mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheese, paneer and queso blanco.

Beer Jelly

What makes this jelly interesting is that it isn’t a dessert but savoury, made of the traditional ingredients in beer such as hops, malt and yeast. The unique set of jellies comes in four varieties: IPA, black IPA, porter, and oatmeal stout. The jellies can be used as a spread and their flavours range from floral and spicy to smoky-sweet and earthy notes. Gourmets suggest serving it with either smoked fish, country ham or sharp cheddar on pumpernickel bread.

Go Out For High Tea

If you two love anything British, take your partner out for High Tea. Originally a meal served in the afternoon for working-class families back in the 17th century, the high tea experience has come a long way until it turned into a social event for the upper classes. The classy pot of Earl Grey alongside finger sandwiches, scones and other delectable sweet treats can now be enjoyed in many cultivated venues across the country.
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Explore Melbourne On A Food Tour

If you want to make this present not only about gourmet foods but also historical sightseeing, going on the Melbourne Queen Victoria Food Tour is the perfect gift idea. While learning all about the historic market your foodie will be delighted to try samples of pickled octopus, artisan chocolates and cheeses and other fine local produce. The amazing package includes 10 tastings during the guided 90-minute foot walk tour.

Australian Red Gift Basket

For a cosy and delicious night home, this gift hamper holds the finest gourmets foods of Australia. The delicacies come in a cane basket with a ribbon and the hamper is filled to the brim with delectable goodies. Who doesn’t enjoy a glass or two of the Tempus Two Copper Series Shiraz 2016 after a hard days work while nibbling on selected snacks such as Gourmet Nut Co Thai Sweet Chilli Peanuts, Valley Produce Cracked Black Pepper Crackerthins or Roma Belgian Milk Chocolate Truffles.

Bottled Cocktails

Ready-to-drink cocktails usually have a bad reputation, but these ones are far from a headache causing sugar bombs you usually get when opening a can. Expert mixologists are now vowing the crowd of cocktail lovers by bottling their signature drinks to be devoured in the comfort of their own home. This gift is perfect for the person who wants to spend more time with guests without having to stir and shake drinks or loves a relaxing weekend at home.

Infusion Smoker And Wood Chip Set

If the connoisseur in your life loves some action in the kitchen, as well as the distinctive flavour of smoke, infused dishes, look no further. With this gift set, it is possible to create succulent restaurant quality foods for friends and family at home in as little time as two minutes. As everything from meats and vegetables to cheeses can be enhanced with delicious smoke flavours this is the perfect gift for a gourmet to try out the newest food trend. The set includes hickory wood chips to be able to create smoked treats straight away.

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