Gift Baskets Trump Vouchers

Gift Baskets Trump Vouchers

At some point in your life, you probably wished someone would just give you a wad of free cash. It might have been when you were particularly broke or had some massive bills to pay. Or maybe it was when someone gave you a gift you didn’t really want. Maybe you wished they had given you the receipt so that you could exchange it for something better.

With that in mind, you might have considered getting someone a cash voucher so that they could buy a gift of their choice. It seems like the considerate thing to do, and it’s certainly easier on you. Although it’s a practical decision, offering someone, a gift voucher might be taken the wrong way. They might feel like you’re putting a cash value on your relationship.

Before you get defensive, give it a little thought. Would you rather receive $100 cash or a $100 bottle of perfume? In some ways, it’s easier to just dig into your wallet and give someone money, but in essence, no thought or effort goes into it.

On the other hand, buying perfume shows that you want to be physically close to this person, so that you can enjoy their sensual scent. You want them to smell good so that they can feel good about themselves. You want them to notice that scent and think of you.

It also means you cared enough to listen to them when they mentioned the perfume they like. And you cared enough to take time out of your day, go to the store, and pick out that bottle of perfume. They will assume this, even if you sent someone to buy it for you.

In the same way, a gift basket makes a better gift than a voucher. You might think it’s better to get them a gift coupon from their favorite store, but this can often feel like you’re delegating the task of buying a gift to the recipient.

Gift baskets say you’re sincerely interested in this person, and in getting something that will please them. Even if you don’t get the exact brands they like, they will know that you have at least some idea of the kinds of things they like. It shows you have an active interest in their lives, their tastes, and their preferences. It shows you care.

Sometimes, you have no clue what to buy. Gift hampers, by their nature, have many different components. You might get wine and cheese, or candles and chocolate, or beer and a book. The items are often linked, and hamper specialists can advise you on what goes well together, earning you extra points from your loved one.

If shopping for a personalised gift feels too stressful, simply hire a gift concierge. They will help you put together the entire package, and they will even wrap it a beautifully thought out way. In this instance, the effort will be as little as buying a voucher, but the person receiving the gift will feel far more valued, which translates into more gratitude for you.

Another advantage of gift hampers is that you can add a personalised card.  While a voucher will just have their name, even if it’s in a stylish font, it can seem generic and cold. Gift hampers allow you to throw in a private joke, a little poem, maybe even the lyrics to your favourite song. That touch of sentimentality can raise a gift from meh to magical.

When you buy a gift basket, you get more bang for your buck. They are usually designed in a way that maximises cost efficiency. And because it comes as a bundled package, your recipient will feel like they got so much more than what you spent.

Consider getting an envelope with a $100 coupon versus a beautiful wicker basket filled with rocky road ice cream, gourmet fudge, dried fruit, organic honey, and a large bottle of olive oil. It’s clear which gift you’d value more, so ditch the voucher and buy a hamper today.

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