Finding the Right Wardrobe for Your Needs

Sliding Door Wardrobes

A wardrobe is one of the essential things in most bedrooms, possibly only coming second to a bed. Getting the right cardboard for your clothes helps a lot in decluttering and leaving your room tidy. Seeing how vital it is to most people, we decided to compile a list of things you can do to ensure you get the right custom wardrobe for you and your family.

1. Space

This is one of the critical things you ought to consider before settling for bedroom storage. Imagine spotting your dream wardrobe at the mall, buying it, and having it delivered only for it not to fit in your bedroom? We would all love to have massive walk-in wardrobes. Unfortunately, most bedrooms are limited in terms of space. Make sure you measure the space available from the ceiling to the floor, as well as the breadth and length of the room you wish to have it as well as the size of the doors to ensure they are big enough to accommodate it.

2. Functionality

Knowing how much space you need for storage is an important aspect. This will help in deciding how big it should be. The type of clothes that you intend to have in there should also determine how it should look like. If you are going to hang coats and suits, you need extra room for such.

3. Type of storage

Various factors will determine the decision on the kind of storage furniture you should get yourself. Apart, of course, from your preference and taste, space and money play a huge role. If space is limited, you would want to choose sliding door wardrobes, which will help save on space that would be otherwise occupied by doors. For those without space limitations, you can go for two, three, or even four-door ones.

4. Budget

After you have decided on the type that you want as well as settled on the available space, the next thing that you should consider is the budget. While we noted this is probably the second most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, of course, after the bed, this does not mean that you need to break the bank to get it.

The next step is to conduct some research to decide on what you want to get home. Go for something durable, stylish, and big enough. Also, decide on whether to get preassembled ones or customised ones.

While readymade ones might save you on time, they will be a bit pricy. On the other hand, custom made ones will give you the freedom to decide on the shape, size, and any other addition you might want to be included.

5. Safety

If you have kids that might want to climb onto it, then make sure it is well fastened or placed somewhere it cannot fall. This is especially the case for tall, free-standing wardrobes.


Choosing the right wardrobe needs proper planning and research. This is an essential piece of equipment that you will have for a long time. With these tips, we believe that you will be in a great position to get home your dream wardrobe


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