Electric Or Wood Heater, Which Is The One For You?

Electric Or Wood Heater

If you live in an area that experiences extreme lows during winter, you know the importance of owning a heater. However, most people often struggle to choose between electric and wood fireplaces since each has its benefits.

Electric Heaters

Electric fireplaces are ideal for people looking for a flexible heating option that requires little maintenance. That said, you will have to pay monthly bills, and they do not generate a lot of heat either.

Advantages of Electric Heaters

  • They are cheaper to buy as compared to wood and gas-powered equivalents.
  • They are easy to install – all you need to is plug them into a mains supply.
  • They require little maintenance because they do not produce ash and smoke. This means that cleaning occurs less frequently.
  • They are flexible since you can use them anywhere, provided there is a power source.
  • Some remote controlled models provide convenience.

Disadvantages of Electric Heaters

  • Recurring bills make them expensive to run.
  • Most of them produce low levels of heat as compared to other options.
  • The flames they produce do not have a realistic appearance.

Wood Heaters

Wood fireplaces are the most popular heating option among homeowners. The reasons behind this popularity include producing a sufficient amount of heat and burning with real flames. However, they require regular maintenance and can harm the environment.

Advantages of Wood Heaters

  • Their flames have a realistic appearance.
  • You can choose among traditional logs, wood pellets, or a blend of the two to power the heater.
  • They produce more heat compared to electric equivalents.
  • Wood is considerably cheaper than electricity, meaning that they have low running costs.

Disadvantages of Wood Heaters

  • You will need to invest in a storage unit for the wooden logs.
  • Cutting trees to fuel the heater hurts the environment.
  • They require regular maintenance to clear up the ash and spot that accumulates inside them.
  • You need to hire a professional during installation.
  • They are more expensive than electric fireplaces.

Which is the Better Option?

Although wood fireplaces have realistic flames and produce high levels of heat, they require more maintenance and hurt the environment. Their upfront cost is expensive, and you cannot get to install them yourself.

On the other hand, electric fireplaces offer convenience and flexibility since most of them are portable and easy to install. They are also cheaper to purchase than wood Heaters. The problem, however, is that they produce low levels of heat and have high running costs due to the recurring bills.

So, which is the better option? Since the primary reason for purchasing a heat is to keep warm wood heaters triumph over electric fireplaces. They also have an added advantage of burning with realistic flames and multiple fuel options.

If you opt for wood heaters, make sure that you use fuel from sustainable sources to avoid hurting the environment.  More importantly, ensure that you remove ash and soot regularly to keep the heater in excellent working condition.

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