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Large living spaces often tend to be cold. Heating such spaces is a dilemma due to the large distribution required. Traditional standard heating solutions fail to evenly distribute heat evenly across the room and residents are forced to hurdle around the heater when the cold becomes unbearable. On the other hand, contemporary heaters have unique designs that facilitate even heat distribution. Moreover, the efficiency of modern heaters allows maximum heat generation from little fuel. Maximum heat generation coupled with reduced heat loss makes modern heaters the ideal heating solution for living spaces. However, electric heaters have an upper hand when it comes to heating large areas.

Electric heaters are not known to many, but when compared to wood heaters and gas heaters they perform remarkably well. If you want to enjoy warmth in your home without having to sacrifice portability, an electric heater is your best bet. This heater can be set up anywhere in any room whether it’s small or big. Therefore, to achieve even heat distribution in a large room, you can set up your electric heater at the centre of the room. Freestanding electric fireplaces have high heat capacities, enough to heat up large areas of the house.



Modern electric fireplace designs are built to minimise heat losses. They have heat insulators installed all around the combustion chambers coupled with large viewing doors that allow the exit of heat to your living space. The design of electric heaters allows maximum efficiency and heat distribution to meet the demands of any large living space. The heat generated from electric fireplaces can be adjusted at the touch of a button. The speed of the fans can also be remotely adjusted to control the heat distribution in a room. For a large living space, the fan system should be at maximum speed to allow extensive heat distribution.


Setting up a good interior design for a large living space can be daunting. Fireplaces always tend to steal the show when installed in any room Therefore it’s always prudent to get a good looking heater installed to augment the aesthetic appeal of your large interior space. Electric fireplaces deliver the best of both worlds. They not only heat up a room but also look stunning while doing it. The inbuilt electric fireplaces come in an array of designs ranging from rustic builds to ultra-modern designs. If the owner wishes, the heater can be designed to mimic traditional fireplaces.

Dimplex and Gazco are the two most popular electric heaters in Australia. Their electric heaters include large units with high heat capacities and small portable heaters.  The Dimplex Mocca Electric Fire is a revolutionary heater with a cutting-edge design suitable for any modern home. It’s a large freestanding heater with the capacity to heat a large living space. Other units like the Dimplex Oakhurst and Dimplex Alameda have a high heating capacity to heat up large areas. Revamp your large living space with an electric heater and start enjoying the warmth of your home.

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