Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients

Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients

Christmas is one of the occasions you could use to leave an impression and make the client remember you for the rest of the following year. Clients only have the business in their mind. Now how would you be able to make him look at your face and remember you? One of the ways is sending a remarkable gift. For you to be able to have the best gift, you would of course need to do a little research. What gift would be considered extra special by your client? Also, where would you be able to buy the gift?

If you have no idea at all what gift to send to your client and this client is not helping at all in getting the hints on what gift he would prefer to receive, try to move away from the conventional. Gift your client something higher in value and quality especially if you have saved a lot over the year.

Gift Sets

If your client is someone who loves his food and liquor the way a regular Australian does, gift him a basket filled with a variety of beers or a basket filled with baked goodies with a bottle of wine alongside them. Consider also gifting him chocolates alongside a bottle of wine. He could have the wine and enjoy the chocolates with his family at their Christmas dinner. You can also opt for biscuits instead of chocolates.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients- Gift Sets

While gift sets can be ironically conventional, what is in the set can make you stand out. Make sure that the items in the basket are premium in taste and quality. Be able to say that the goodies in it are as good as they look. Foods with extraordinary taste won’t necessarily have premium prices. If you make an effort in doing research, you’ll get remarkable items at reasonable prices.

Gift Coupons, Gift Cheques, or Gift Cards

Gift cheques can be purchased from most shops. Opt to buy them from popular supermarkets like Coles or Woolies—these supermarkets could be located anywhere in Australia. You wouldn’t want to trouble your client over where he would have to spend the gift cheques. Leave an impression by gifting him a lot of these cheques. The big supermarkets sell gift cheques to corporates with special prices. Ask for the advice of their sales executive if you want to buy the gift cheques in bulk.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients- Gift Cards


Some clients are leading an active lifestyle or are sports enthusiasts. If your client is one of those people, consider gifting him something he could use when he goes golfing or playing tennis with his partners and colleagues. Buy him a cap or a set of balls. You can also buy him a pair of Rayban sunglasses. If your client wears eyeglasses, you can try gifting him a pair of eyeglasses. The tricky part in buying him eyeglasses or sunglasses though would be making sure they fit your client.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients- Eyeglasses

Signature Items

Another way you can leave an impression would be gifting your client accessories that have the label of a known brand. If he is a man, your best bet would probably be a watch. You may also gift a woman a watch, but women have different tastes in watches. It would probably be best to gift her instead a scarf or a shawl.

You could also gift your client a perfume, but opt to buy a unisex perfume instead. Perfumes that have unisex scent have more fans than perfumes that are too masculine or too feminine. People have preferences when it comes to scent, and you wouldn’t want to leave a bad impression by sending a perfume with a scent your client may find as too strong.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients- Perfume

Signature items also wouldn’t necessarily mean items you would have to wear. You can also opt for signature items that the client could use on a daily basis or wouldn’t necessarily have to be used at all. One example is a journal. Another would be a painting. If you have a trip to another country, buy him something that could only be bought from that place.

Premium journals have various prices. If the journal you chose has a leather cover, then that may cost more. Paintings, on the other hand, would differ in prices according to the art. Seek for the advice of an art curator to guide your decision-making.

If you don’t like leaning toward premium signature items, you can also visit the local flea market and see what item you can send over as a gift. Signature items don’t necessarily mean high-priced items, it could also mean valued possessions. Buy something your client may appreciate, such as a handcrafted statuette or an antique desk organiser.

Gadgets and/or Accessories

Another way you can impress your client is by gifting him the latest model of an iPad or at least an accessory he could use with it. You can level it up and gift him a home theater or a TV set. Try not to overdo it and buy his children a PlayStation or an Xbox. Remember that the gift is for him to enjoy as well. If it is something that he may have trouble with because his children have been consumed by it, then maybe that item would rather be passed over.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients- xbox

Hotel Stay or Private Dinner at a Popular Hotel

Hotels are deemed as special no matter how small or big they are. Having a feast in it would definitely be something your client would appreciate, especially if he could bring his family with him. Do a quick research and locate the hotel with the best food and the best scenery. It doesn’t have to be in a five-star hotel or a Michelin-star restaurant, but if you’re feeling generous and you want to go overboard, then feel free to do so.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients- Hotel Stay

However, take note of customer experience. Even if the food and services are good, if your client is someone who would always bring his grandchildren with him, he wouldn’t find the Michelin-star restaurant appealing. He would prefer being in a resort where his grandchildren could have a dip in the water and see the beautiful ocean. He would want to dine in a place where his grandchildren would run free without worries.

Consider your client’s lifestyle and preferences. The trick to being able to give an extra special gift is by being thoughtful of his situation. If your client is regular traveller, then maybe you’re considering gifting him a suitcase with wheels. What if your client actually preferred a backpack over a bag he would need to drag around? Be observant if you want to be able to come up with an impressive gift.

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