12 Things You Keep in Mind in choosing Pest Control

It really is better to hire a professional pest control technician, than trying to deal with spiders and bugs yourself. If you have a pest control issue that is ongoing, the infestation has become larger, or the products you need to do the job effectively are only available for use by certified professionals. If you find you do need the service of a professional pest control company, there are 12 things you should keep in mind.

12 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring Pest Control Service

  1. The Technician: Before you allow the pest control technician into your home, ask to see their certification or license, and make sure that it is up to date. (This is true of any service technician you allow into your home)
  2. The Company: Make sure the company you have chosen is fully insured, this is to protect your property. Take time to visit the businesses website, does it look professional? Are there any testimonials or customer feedback? What services do they offer? Have they been in business long?
  3. Knowledge: The technician, office staff or sales representative should be knowledgeable enough to answer your pest control questions when you call. Of course, there are questions and the answers may not be known, but the person you speak to should be willing to say *I don’t know, but I will find out*, rather than give you the wrong, or a made-up answer.
  4. Professional Appearance: when the technician arrives, their uniform and over-all appearance should be clean and professional. The vehicle, chemicals and equipment should also give you a feeling of professionalism.
  5. References: Before you start calling pest control companies at random, ask your friends, family and neighbours for any referrals. Word of Mouth is one of the best ways to get honest feedback, who to call, and who not to call. You can also check the businesses website and look for testimonials or customer feedback. The amount of feedback and responses will also help you choose the company that’s right for you.
  6. Price: the lowest quote isn’t always the best. If a business says it can solve all your problems for X amount, and the problem still exists after you have paid the money, you haven’t saved money at all. You’ll probably need to call out another provider and pay more than if you had chosen quality over price in the first place.
  7. Contract: If you are hiring a pest control company for on-going services, discuss your options. Do you need a monthly or quarterly service? Depending on your pest problem you can start with a monthly service and cut back to quarterly as the problem is solved. Always read any contracts or paperwork fully, understand everything before you sign anything.
  8. Service: Before starting any services, the technician should talk to you to discuss exactly what the problem is, they should ask what you have seen or heard and ask questions of you, to ensure he understands your pest problem. The technician should then inspect your home or building, identify the pest or pests and set up a treatment plan.
  9. Chemicals: In many cases the chemicals used will be very safe for you, your family and your pets. If there are any issues he will discuss this with you.
  10. Documentation: after completing the service, the technician should provide you with a detailed report, what pests or bugs were targeted, the actual service performed, any advice, or follow up action if needed. This could include removing rubbish that might be a home for rats or suggesting other ways to stop pests invading your home. This report should also detail all service costs.
  11. Consultation: at some point during the service the technician should take time to recommend ways to avoid any future issues. Depending on the service being performed, this advice may be issued before, during or after the service is completed. For example, the technician finds an area that is home to pests he will let you know and suggest it be cleaned up immediately. If structural issues are found, he may suggest maintenance such as replacing screens or filling holes.
  12. Guarantee: Many pest control companies offer a written guarantee, be sure to understand what your guarantee covers, know what your responsibilities are and how to invoke the guarantee if needed.

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