All You Need To Know About Car Detailing

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Owning a car is a necessity and the majority of people spends more of their days in their vehicles than they do in their homes. This is a clear indication that a car detailing is on high demand.

More often than not, people are not able to differentiate between a car wash and car detailing. In a car wash, the cleaning crew cleans your vehicle’s exterior surfaces and vacuums the interior to get rid of dirt. The process usually lasts a few minutes and few tools are used. However, when it comes to car detailing, in addition to cleaning and waxing the exterior, they are other services that are delivered. They include thorough cleaning of each part of the car, engine wash and other complex procedures.

Car detailing is not an easy business like a car wash that an ordinary car lover can wake up and think of starting. You need to be well informed to start and run a detailing business successfully. Expert car detailers always refer to their field of work as a combination of art and science. Art hints at knowing what’s good for the car.  From the paint job to the polishing, detailing does a lot for the looks of a car. Moreover, it takes an artistic eye to know what to add and remove from the car’s accessories. The science in detailing covers the chemicals and solutions used to get the job done. If caution is not exercised in delivering car detailing services, damages may accrue on the vehicle’s surfaces due to the chemicals. Nonetheless, professional car detailers know how to handle chemicals and deliver their services without damaging your car

Below are some important things you need to know about car detailing:

  • When cleaning the interior of the car, you are supposed to begin by cleaning the windows before attending to any other part of the interior. This ensures you avoid getting the carpet dirty. If you save the windows for the last part of detailing, all the dirt wiped off the interior surface will accumulate on the carpet.
  • When cleaning the carpet and upholstery, it’s important to do a thorough job on the driver’s side since its the area that is mostly in use.

Nonetheless, all the other seats and carpets must also be cleaned. Do not forget to clean the vehicle ceiling as it accumulates a lot of dust particles.

  • Sometimes cleaning may force the detailer to disassemble parts to access all surfaces. A thorough professional job is what every detailer aspires.
  • Car detailing also includes checking and cleaning each accessory and electrical wiring within a car. Many detailers can go below the dashboard panels and control units to clear out dust and dirt. After cleaning, it’s important to ensure every unplugged connector is reattached and put back to its position.
  • Before cleaning the exterior of the car, commence with cleaning the engine. This will make sure no oil drip or dirt from the engine makes a mess on the vehicle’s exterior surface.

The approach to car detailing is meticulous and only a professional hand can deliver top quality services. New technology and detailing techniques have led to improvements in the detailing industry. The procedures are more efficient and the results are consistently superb.

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