5 of the Easiest Plants to Grow for Your Pergola or Patio Area

pergola plants

You do not need to have a spacious garden or backyard to grow an assortment of flowers and plants.  A patio or pergola is an ideal place to grow plants provided you get the right plants. When choosing a plant to grow in your pergola or patio area, consider your daily schedule since some plants require frequent care and attention.

Some plants need daily watering which can be an inconvenience for someone who spends most of their time outside their home. Here are five suggestions of the easiest plants you can grow in a pergola or patio area.


These are an excellent option for pergola or patio plants as they are multipurpose. Herbs provide fresh scented air to your patio space as well as provide you with spices for your meals. Basil and rosemary herbs perform well in areas that receive much sunlight. Thyme, parsley, and cilantro will do well under a shade.

You can grow a variety of herbs in your pergola depending on your taste. In this way, you are assured that the herbs you consume have been grown the right way.


Lavender can endure harsh weather conditions and needs a lot of sunlight to grow. It is deep blue-purple in colour with silvery foliage that adds beauty and glamour to any patio. Place the lavender plant within reach to make it possible for you to run your hand through its flowers and release its pleasing fragrance. When you get the plant, keep in mind that it overgrows hence occasional pruning is necessary.


The bougainvillea plant blooms on all seasons, which means it will keep your pergola colourful throughout the year. A unique feature with bougainvillea is its colour versatility. The colour options include orange, red, white, and hot pink. If you have enough space, you can plant several varieties to make the space more beautiful.


Verbena is resilient and it can endure high summer temperatures without wilting. They bloom all-round the year and come in various colours that include salmon, blue, purple, white, and pink.

Verbena plant is more appealing when grown from a hanging basket. It grows quickly thus you will need to lightly trim them to allow budding of flowers that are central to the beauty of your patio.

5.Spider Plants

These plants are easy to grow as they bloom in both sunny and cold weather conditions. They are more appealing when grown in hanging baskets with their white flowers on long stalks. A single spider plants can multiply into numerous plants as they develop little plant lets that root when they come in contact with the soil.

Spider plants perform better in warm climates hence you can grow them in the patio through the summer season. When winter sets in, take them inside the house and place them near a window for natural light.

When enlisting the services of an outdoor living space company in Sydney, inquire about patio or pergola plants. They will provide you with options of the best patio plants that do well in your area’s climatic conditions.

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